Our bar offers a huge range of cocktails, great regional wines as well as a diversity of whiskeys and cigars accompanied by contemporary, electronic music in a smooth atmosphere.

Long Island Night

A variety of 15 Long Island Iced Teas invites you to find your personal favourite!
Each Long Island Iced Tea for EUR 7.50


From a riding stable to a Cocktail Bar

In 1995 a bar opened in this former riding stable. After a takeover in 2006, the in-location in the old town of Krems for friends & lovers of cultivated bar culture has developed under the name “XO-Bar-Lounge”.

The bar offers a huge selection of cocktails, high quality wines from the region, finest whiskies and spirits and a pleasant atmosphere with cool beats!

The largest drinks menu in the historic city centre

From 7 p.m. onwards, night owls, students, beer drinkers, wine sommeliers and coffee drinkers cavort here. You simply feel at home in the medieval walls, which have been fitted with modern elements by architects.

In the old town of Krems we offer the most extensive and high-quality drinks and cocktail menu. The spectrum ranges from classics like Caipirinha and Pina Colada to exotic cocktail creations and a large selection of Gin & Tonics! Even responsible drivers can enjoy the variety of tastes of our bar in the form of countless non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks. In principle we serve American, so all cocktails are served on ice.


Who is looking for a suitable gift?

High-quality gift vouchers in an envelope in € 20,- denomination are available in the pub! The vouchers are redeemable at Q-Stall Krems, Quba, Steirisch Irish Pub and XO Bar & Lounge!


COVID-19 measures

We are very concerned about your and our safety! Therefore we take the following measures seriously:

– Entrance for tested, vaccinated or recovered people
– Staff tested or vaccinated
– Constant air exchange through the ventilation system
– Disinfectant dispenser at the entrance
– Regular disinfection of the tables
– Bar card retrievable by means of QR code
– At least 1 metre distance between the tables
– Guest registration

Reservations are currently recommended and can be made at any time by email: office@kremseraltstadt.at


Long Island Night

A variety of 15 Long Island Iced Teas invites you to find your personal favourite!
Each Long Island Iced Tea for EUR 7.50

Legendary Cocktail Night

Buy one cocktail, get one free – all night long!

Caipirinha Night

Within a range of 11 different Caipirinhas choose your favourite one!
Each Caipirinha for EUR 6.50

The EARLY bird…. catches the worm!

Happy Hour from 7pm to 9pm – all standard longdrinks for EUR 3.50 each

"Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink too much. Then again, don't drink too little." Herman "Jackrabbit" Smith-Johannsen
seven days a week

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday from 7 pm to 4am